Month: April 2020

Dregg Blunt Bubbler 50% OFF

Fear not, large rips for harsh smoke has been slain! Enjoy your rollables like never before with the limited edition Dregg dragon egg blunt bubbler™ from MJ Arsenal. This magical beast has not a fiery breath, but the ability to …

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CBD Daily Lotion $30

CBD Lotion is a rich, luxurious lotion perfect for treating dry skin while getting your daily CBD dose. It is made from the finest natural ingredients and is infused with nano-CBD for maximum absorption. CBD Lotion is absorbed through the …

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RAW Organic Hemp Cones $3

RAW Organic Hemp Cones RAW Organic Hemp Cones are unquestionably the world’s best organic hemp cones!  Masterfully crafted from unrefined, pure hemp with no added chalk (certain others add chalk/calcium carbonate to their papers) & no dyes– Organic Hemp Paper are made using …

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