About Us

About Us

The journey to become Everrest Organics CBD LLC really began while our dog Violet, a Boston Terrier, started suffering with Arthritis. I’d say this is what really fueled our passion for CBD. Violet had been living with this condition for some time and it hurt us to see her living in a state of confinement and isolation. She seemed depressed and wasn’t living a full life so we began looking for ways to help her out.  I had tried several methods with our vet but it seemed like a stream of endless pills and appointments with little results. We thought how is none of this working and why is the vet so quick to switch scripts?  My husband, my son and I had heard some great things about CBD and figured...why not give it a shot.

Immediately we began researching and learning about CBD before settling on a product we thought would benefit our four-footed companion. The next day we made the decision to purchase a pack for Violet and patiently waited for its arrival.  On the day the bottle arrived, we read through some literature and conducted our little experiment. To our amazement, Violet was back to her youthful spirit and energetic self in a matter of hours. The effects of the CBD were almost instantaneous and we couldn’t believe it. I remember telling Felix “If it works this well on pets, imagine what this will do for people.” 

Over the next few weeks, I began testing it out on our parents and mother-law, in particular.  She had been suffering from neuropathy of her feet due to diabetes and fibromyalgia and was living in constant pain and agony from the nerve damage the diseases had created.  During the next few days I watched as she began to become less dependent on our helping her around the house and depending on her own mobility to navigate the house. Again, I couldn’t believe that the product actually began working.  

Of course, naturally I couldn’t stop talking with friends and family about the results my mother in law and Violet had seen. I jumped into reading and researching the products more and more each day that it basically became an obsession. So much so, that I decided I wanted to help people living with chronic illness such as sleep disorders, anxiety and pain management. Eventually I’d begin saying “It’s like they had stopped suffering and started living.” And you know what, they had!  And that’s how our tagline was born...At Everrest Organics CBD we want people to know you can “Stop Suffering START LIVING.”

The Everrest Organics CBD Difference

We consider our customers part of our family. And unlike a trip to the doctors office, we take the time to learn about each of our family members and offer a one on one consultation and our introductory process is simple: 

  1. We educate our family on some of the misconceptions and stigmas associated with Cannabidiols (CBD) as well as the benefits these products provide.  
  2. Next, we answer any questions our family may have in regard to CBD and the safety of the products we carry .
  3. From here, we offer all new family members an in store sample of our products to help them determine which delivery method (oral or topical) suits their needs and proper/safe usage of our products.
  4. If we haven’t answered your questions, we encourage a conversation with your doctor to identify any interactions or concerns you may still have.
  5.  Our hope is that you’d be so amazed at the benefits of CBD you’d tell all your family of friends of the great experience you had at Everrest Organics CBD.  

That’s our approach, tried and true.  We’re Texans at heart and much like your blood family, our goal is to look out for you while instilling trust and a lifetime bond that is rooted in honesty and respect.  Please don’t confuse Everrest Organics CBD for a Clinic, we certainly are not clinicians or physicians. The solutions we provide should never interfere or replace any solution your healthcare provider has recommended.   Don’t be scared to speak with your doctor about alternative methods to treating your ailments, you might be surprised with what they have to say. In fact they may tell you about Everrest Organics CBD and tell you “Stop Suffering START LIVING!”

Phone Orders and Delivery

Everrest Organics CBD is proud to announce that they are accepting call in orders for your all of your favorite products.  We recognize that our extended family may not be able to make it in to the store due to scheduling conflicts, mobility issues, health issues and transportation.  

  • Call Everrest Organics CBD at  (210) 879 - HEMP (4736)
  • Place your order
  • We’ll give you a total with a shipping cost (All delivery is a flat rate of $5)
  • Wait for your order to arrive (If you place your order before 4pm, we can ship your order out same day.  Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the next day for orders to be processed)

Our Loyalty Program


Proud Member of South SA Chamber Of Commerce


On July 30, 2019, Everrest Organics CBD received our certificate with the South SA Chamber Of Commerce.  My husband and I are very proud of this honor and it shows that we’ve taken care of our business and have a responsibility to you, our family members, to uphold our business in a dignified manner.  You can always trust that we conduct our services with the highest level of pride and have a reputation to uphold.  

Felix is a Proud Veteran of The United States Air Force (USAF), where he served in the medical field.  His practice has remained on the South Side of San Antonio for over 20 years and has a reputation of providing quality service, quick response time and being a strong family man. 

Jean is Owner and Director of Operations at Everrest Organics CBD. Everrest Organics continues to grow and has become a staple within the South Side Community.  Jean is friendly, outgoing and believes in providing outstanding customer service, educating her community and upholding the integrity of her business. 

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