NAYSA CBD Facial Cleanser 20mg

CBD Facial Cleanser 20mg

• Removes dirt, excess oil and reduces shine
• Penetrates deep into pores while nourishing skin with natural extracts
• Help with acne, redness, and small abrasions
• Restores skin health and supports anti-aging properties
• Immediately relieves irritation or dry patches
• Soothes skin quickly
• Improves appearance by hydrating and regulating the skin’s oil production

Container: 4 oz (118ml) CBD Facial Cleanser keeps your skin clean and refreshed!

CBD Facial Cleanser is an excellent choice for combating and protecting your skin from environmental elements that wreak havoc on your face everyday. Not just another cleanser, CBD Facial Cleanser is deep penetrating and provides your skin with a multitude of benefits. Infused with CBD and other natural ingredients, CBD Facial Cleanser gives your skin added line of defense against dirt, oil, and other elements blocking your skin’s pores. It contains no irritating detergents and leaves your face feeling nice and smooth for all skin types.